lunes, 6 de abril de 2009


La dueña del blog hace un sorteo de estos tres lotes tan bonitos.Hay que invitar a 5 amigas , así que invito a :






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danjela dijo...

hello, yesterday I sent you an email with the 'address of your secret combination. Have you received it?

danjela dijo...

hello Espe,

Fortunately we are well, although we have heard of shock during the night. I live in Naples and is 300 Km from the place where there 's been a terrible earthquake! I would love to go and help people who have been involved in this terrible tragedy. There are many people who have lost their homes and many deaths (190) for the time being. Of course even in Naples there is the fear of earthquakes, because here are all about 30 years ... the last came in 1980 ... I have a lot of fear but we must move forward and let us not be overwhelmed by terror.
Thank you for your interest, it was very important for me! kisses

il mondo di iris dijo...

Ciao Espe,
here where I live was not an earthquake, but for the Abruzzo region and the whole of Italy is a tragedy.
Thank you very much.

txiquita dijo...

hola simpatica!!!!! un placer conocerte y tenerte de visitanta en mi blog! tu di que si hija! si hay que darle betún al nene se le da!!!! viva lo british, lo rosa y lo romantico, la unica pena es que dentro de nada yo ya sere una antiguedad mas ajajajajajajajajaj espro no perdamos el contacto y cualquier cosilla ya sabes donde me tienes!!! un beso GORDO ^_^ carmaen.

Janet dijo...

You are correct. We are coming to Barcelona for a day prior to our cruise to the western Mediterranean. We will spend a day in Barcelona when we return. I look forward to exploring your beautiful city.


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